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In the process of getting my name trademarked, we found out we could not use Sweet Freedom Gluten Free Bakery since there was another bakery on the east coast with a similar name.

So, I put up a contest on my Facebook page and a new name has been chosen. 

The new bakery name will be:


It fits our mission statement which has always been:

"Helping those on a gluten free journey start their new beginning."

EVERYTHING else will remain the same, the pink mixer logo, the recipes, all of it, just the name and things associated with the name will change like the web site domain, Instagram page name, my car decals, brochures, and such.

My husband and I are still the owners, we still have the same employees, same products (new products to be released soon!!), we are still in the same location, at the same stores (new store locations coming soon!).

New labels, UPC codes, and such will be ordered now and hopefully by the end of the year we will start phasing those in. You will see BOTH bakery names on the shelves for a little while. Don't fear, it is still our product line.

Thank you all so much for the love and support you have shown throughout this very stressful name change time!

​​New Beginnings Gluten Free Bakery (previously Sweet Freedom Gluten Free Bakery) brings you decadent, indulgent, gourmet, gluten free items that have the taste and texture of their wheat based counterparts. These gluten free snacks can be enjoy by everyone, even if you are not on a gluten free diet plan!

Good old fashion cakes just like grandma used to make, only gluten free.

Breads, hamburger buns, and pizza crust that are yeast based, risen to perfection, and hearty.

Cinnamon rolls that you can actually roll apart to expose that gooey center column we all love.

New Beginnings Gluten Free Bakery is bringing back the memory of what food tasted like before you had to be gluten free!


Are you also on a dairy free diet? Please see our menu for a wide variety of dairy free items that could enhance your dairy free diet plan.

We are a nut free facility.

Look for us in the freezer section of your favorite stores!

Find us on Facebook facebook.com/NewBeginningsGlutenFreeBakery

​We would love to hear from you! 641-229-9734


Monday - Friday 9-5

Saturday by appointment only

Sunday closed

​After hours pick up available!