UPDATE 7/10/18


The bakery is all moved and the new address is 1009 E. Sunrise St. in New Hampton.

We will continue to service ALL Iowa stores but we had to let go of the out of state stores due to the new license I have.

UPDATE 5/25/18

SO the bakery will be having some big changes soon.

With LOTS of prayers and tears Al & I have decided to move the bakery back into our house and get a Home Bakery License instead of a Food Processing Plant License. We are currently remodeling the basement apartment into a bakery. Move will be complete in a couple of months. I wont have any employees, it will just be me with the family helping out. With that said, I will be cutting down on the amount of stores I am currently in. Currently we serve 68 stores in 3 states. I will ONLY be able to serve Iowa stores with the Home License. We will try to continue to serve all Iowa locations.

This came about for 2 main reasons:
#1.... As most of you know our grand daughter Kinley was born premature at only 4 pounds and spent a long time in NICU. Mom is ready to go back to work now and the thought of her going to day care and being exposed to all sorts of yuck really bothered us and her doctor. So this grandma stepped up and put baby and family as her 1st priority and I will now have Kinley M-F 6:45am -1:30pm. I mean WHO WOULDN'T!!! 

#2.....last November I had to take a mandatory FDA class on the new FSMA rules. They are a monstrous set of rules and regulations to follow and come with a HEFTY price tag! Unfortunately many very small, small, and some medium sized food processing plants nation wide are shutting down because we frankly can not afford to comply. (I called our Governor about this and she had her private legal counselor call me and they took my story to DC and lobbied for small business with other states that all went together recently) Our compliance date is September 1st. The food testing was $7000/time and surface testing was $1200/time and you need to do those on a "basis that shows you are actively looking for pathogens". Plus the amount of paper work I could never keep up with. The FDA highly suggests you hire a PCQI (that's the certification I got last fall), Sanitation Manager, Safety Manager, and a Plant Manager to break down the paper work into amounts 1 person could handle. Obviously most very small, small, and some medium sized plants can not afford those costs, esp when they don't have a built in lab to use like bigger plants do. So with the September 1st compliance date rolling around fast we made a decision we, as a family, are comfortable with. We feel this is the direction God is taking us and we have had LOTS of confirmation to prove it this week alone! In the food industry you either have to go big or go home....we literally went back home....lol.

I had hoped someone would want to buy the recipes and carry on what I started and take it on a large scale like I had planned to do in time but I never got around to trying to sell it. Who knows, maybe someone or some company will have interest someday. I am currently the only company in the nation doing single serve gourmet gluten free cupcakes and by the way they sell out weekly at each store, they have a proven track record.

So I want to say THANK YOU to ALL of you who have supported us. I will continue to do weddings, birthdays, special events, and serve our local area of Iowa, but not all the stores I am in will I be able to do on my own watching baby 6-7 hours a day. We sell 1000+ cupcakes a week right now. A little much for 1 person working part time to do...lol. Maybe now I can finally learn how to do fancy fondant work as I never had time before....need to find some classes on that. 

This isn't good bye by any means, it's just a change that is best for my family which is my top priority......
I will post pics of our remodeling in the basement as we get further along on that. I'm very excited to see how God will work all this out. His plans are always perfect! 
Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

​​New Beginnings Gluten Free Bakery brings you decadent, indulgent, gourmet, gluten free items that have the taste and texture of their wheat based counterparts. These gluten free snacks can be enjoy by everyone, even if you are not on a gluten free diet plan!

Good old fashion cakes just like grandma used to make, only gluten free. (And dairy free by request)

Gourmet donuts that are out of this world! Fun flavors and most are also dairy free! These are also sold daily at Rockets Bakery on the corner of 4th St & Mulberry in Waterloo, IA. They have 4 packs....1 will be dairy free, the other may contain dairy. (The donuts and glaze are always dairy free. However Rocky Road is not due to the chocolate chips used and Salted Caramel and Margie's Jave Jive are not due to the caramel candy balls and/or caramel syrup so please watch the labels on the containers.)

Cinnamon rolls that you can actually roll apart to expose that gooey center column we all love. These can be made dairy free!

Yeast and dairy free pizza crusts that have that good snap we all like from a good thin crispy crust, but not rock hard!

New Beginnings Gluten Free Bakery is bringing back the memory of what food tasted like before you had to be gluten free!


Are you also on a dairy free diet? Please see our menu for a wide variety of dairy free items that could enhance your dairy free diet plan.

We are a nut free facility. (Except for a few of our workers ;) )

Look for us in the freezer section of your favorite stores!

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