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It's no fun being Celiac or gluten intolerant. Believe me I understand! Not only am I those things, but I am also allergic to wheat. 

Not being able to eat the same food as your friends and family can really hurt, almost as much when you get "glutened".

That's why at New Beginnings Gluten Free Bakery we have tried very hard to make food taste like what you remember it being like in your pre-gluten free days. We bake cakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cinnamon rolls, donuts, pies, and pizza crust the old fashion way, just without wheat. We don't even use oats!

We are not into using "trendy" flours or following "trendy" fad diets, or into putting additives into our recipes to create strange textures and flavors. Instead, we use real butter, eggs, milk, and sugar. (Dairy free is available upon request.) Plain and simple, just like grandma used to make, only better --and safer for us!

Then we kicked it up a notch and started designing gourmet gluten free  cakes. Each is their own work of art. No two are alike. 

You can find New Beginnings Gluten Free Bakery items through out the state of Iowa in the gluten free freezer section of grocery stores, at restaurants, in colleges, and coffee houses.  

If you can't wait for a store near you to get our items, we can ship overnight through out all of Iowa and any state touching Iowa for around $15.00. Please keep in mind, we can not ship cupcakes or cinnamon rolls May - November due to it being too hot. (Nobody likes a glazed cupcake). We never ship our gourmet cakes, sorry, they are just too fragile to make it.

Feel free to stop into the bakery anytime to pick up items. We are always well stocked! It is best to call ahead if you are looking for specific items: 7-14 days for small orders and 14-28 days for large orders. If you are looking for dairy free items or gourmet cakes, you must call ahead with your specified flavors of choice! 

We do weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and any events you would like to see New Beginnings Gluten Free Bakery gourmet gluten free items at!


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1009 E. SUnrise St.

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